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Matematiksel Modelleme ve Simülasyon
A Trip through the thoughts on Randomness

Levent ÖZBEK, Ph.D


A Trip through the thoughts on Randomness


Seekers after gold dig up much earth and find little.



  1. I.                     Introduction


This article written as a compilation of studies is not directed to any purpose other than conducting the effort of understanding to the ones that are able to understand.


Humanbeings which are in the effort of understanding and make others understand whatever happening in the universe, constucts models about the events and processes they are interested in and try to know about the future of them with the light of those models. Models are the expressions of the systems and processes of the real World by the help of the terms and laws of the related science branch. Models are the expressions and the representations of the phenomena in the real World. They are not themselves the truth and no matter how complicated they seem, they are the deficient narrations of the truth itself. Models can also be thought as the products of the creator ones’ own perception of the truth. They are classified under different categories. Mathematical models are the ones with the highest power of expression and they are the most valid ones. Models can still show difference between each other depending on the point of view of the creator of the model.


Deterministic World view and related terms causality and randomness are highly contraversial topics in science, philosophy and arts. Psychologist explain the pursuit of certainity as the desire to return to the first days of the life where no emotion of suspicion exists and one is safe in the arms of his mother and father. This desire is generally intensified by the training which regards suspicion as a sin and trust as a religious requisite. Seeking certainity is one of the most dangerous sources of mistakes done in life, because it walks hand in hand with the wish to maintain supreme knowledge.


“Everything existing in the universe are the products of randomness and necessity”


  1. II.                   Philosophical Approach


In every moment of their life, people consciously or unconciously react to the conditions he faces in his life or others life, by observing their nature and gathering information about their flow. Searching relations between the events and processes is a type of behaviour that a person with a holistic view of life would do. People would like to interrelate the events with correspondance to their purposes. Peoples’ ability to dominate over the conditions give them ability to control and transform them. If an event is not emerging imperatively from the essence of the existing processes and it has a possiblity of  happening independently from other processes and it is unnecessary, then it is random. Every case of randomness has its own reasons. In other words, randomness is conditioned by causality. The opposition between randomness and causality is not absolute but relative, which means the opposition can only be mentioned under specific conditions.


An event which is inevitably happening under specific conditions can also happen randomly under different conditions. Also the reverse case is possible. A random event can transform into an obligation via the processes. Randomness is the complementary of essentiality while essentiality always bring forth by randomness, so an essential event is always completed by random events. Randomness does not mean essentiality with unknown reasons, randomness still exist as randomness even its reasons are defined. Every fact and event happens essentially as a result of its internal reasons. But also every event and fact is affected by the exterior reasons. Exterior reasons are not fundamental and determinative as the interior reasons. Everything existing in the society and nature are interlinked and has a property of affecting each other in some extends.


Ones location of birth and the environment he lives are random while his necessity to eat and drink to exists are neccessities. To decide whether an event or fact is formed randomly or from a necessity, its reason should be examined to see whether it is internal or external. By taking the essential precautions events that bare randomness can be removed. Winning a lottery is seen as a chance event but to obtain this chance you have to buy a lottery ticket. Someone crushing his car is a random event but probability of it will decrease in the societies where everyone obeys traffic rules, the pedestrian and vechile roads are highly ordered and public transportation is prefered. Randomness is objective, which means it is independent from ones ideas and will. Randomness in some cases can inhibit the processing of neccessities. Necessity find its own way between several random events and serve its duty.


Every law is the indication of necessity which objects and facts are bound to. Every event and fact are bound to another with either an internal and essential or an external and unessential connection. Randomness always hide an objective necessity, which is a law. Saying occurance of an event is necessary, means its external connections are completed and it has resistance to the further external effects so that it cannot be changed or transformed to its opposite disposition. Every of the several big events which form a law when summed together create deviations from the law and has randomness in it.

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