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Matematiksel Modelleme ve Simülasyon
To the Imaginary Love Scene II

To the Imaginary Love Scene II

The tragicomic scene of the one –reeler film about the protagonist of the imaginary love scriptwriter heading on to catch all the stars in the universe …..




This was love  of snow

It left with southwester

Leaving behind a grief colour

On the eaves of the houses


Will you come with leaving ship

Come as youı play your violin

Gull shall sing our song

Here are my arms like sun burning

The love in my heart

Is  a solitary street


As I get into your heart

A warm breeze will wind

You will blossom all your flowers

Swallows will remain behind

I wil come with rain

To the city you burnt

Wait for me

Getting all city dirty

Under the rainbow

I made a chaplet of garnets

Will fit it on to your hair


This was a love of snow

Two pieces of coal

A carrot and the screams of children

Reamined behind

With the dead of winter in my heart



The snow heart of

The snowman

Became an avalanche

With a love of snow

Go away sun

That deadly winter is enough

This love was torn into pieces

Will blossom snowdrop

Poet : Levent Özbek
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