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Matematiksel Modelleme ve Simülasyon




I am shaking off the long night off mu shoulders, a desperate loneliness

Remain after the torn out paths ,there it brings with it a ball through Streets we played hide and seek on, we would gathers stars falling on to the chimney at summer nights, though.



Cicada  starts, following morning prayer call

Screaming of death

Jasmine scents wreathe its body

Seasons blossomin its eyes before summer arrives



Loves fall off your life as flavescent leaves

Life veils itself you could never stop

You cry alone in destitute

Meadows get born together one day



We could have regained storms leaving love into a wind and

Fallen  onto the soil like fall leaves

And held your lover’s hand tightly

Got into her hair never to get out



I wandered through long nights

Wondering if the day would ever come

If the lover would ever come

If i would ever see her eyes



You never said a word ,will you come


Obvious it was

Joining of rivers to the seas

Never did you come to me

Nor did i touched rivers


Time is wasted


Crying appeared first





The sun spread its arms wide to the history

Birds spread wings to the distant places

Leaving behind the past


Life creating the imposibble chances

Yielded to the fall utterly

Yellow leaves dispersed again .



I picked up the stars

Kissing each one on their eyes

Loneliness grew out of itself

I planted cloves into your laughter



Swalloe has found its way

The painful hands of the kid

Hugs the time with his warm wings

Pulling down mud walls

Pitiles as it seems


Inside me the snowball

And a snowflake chasing the wind

Her joys blinded with her sorrows

Solitary like a laughter

On pregnant woman’s face




Life is like rail

Shines as it passes over me

I am dispersing to the sky


Swallows speading wing cross the wind

Flying past over me

I am waving each one

Having all the possbilities ,life

Splits and scatters in a tiny storm

I am afraid to close my eyes

Wondering it will go away in a moment


You are not coming

Nor am i getting winged

Night flops down on me

I am giving brith to my loneliness



I am getting lost in the midnight of the city

Sorrows in my heart chasing me

Burning pale leaves one by one

Knowing the rain will come immediately



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