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Matematiksel Modelleme ve Simülasyon
Koridor Culture Arts and Literature Magasine

Koridor Culture Arts and Literature Magasine
January – February : 2016, Year: 10, Issue: 22

Koridor had paused its publication on November, 2011 after its 21st issue being published. It reconnected with its readers on November-December via its 22nd issue. This issue is full of excitement like it is the first issue. It offers literature to its readers on a broad scale including poems, movie critics, articles, stories and travel writings. The magasine shows its interest in being local and international at the same time by including English and Turkish summaries for several of its articles and memoirs. Magasine appears friendly towards new writers and it is examined by a crew of well respected reviewers and editorial board. Koridor Magasine keeps marching in its own way, acknowledging that literature and arts are enhancing the aesthetic values of humankind and has a attitude of accepting critics as a gift in its own development.

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